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Thurrock Nepalese (Gurkha) Community (TNGC) Grays Essex England

It would be awkward and  very strange situation in their homes when someone's children know nothing of the culture and language of their country. Having no knowledge means no interest which then could follow a dislike and disinterest in their country. This is the reason we need our own community to practice our culture and beliefs which would run in parallel to the British culture.
             The Thurrock Nepalese (Gurkha) Community (TNGC) Grays was established in 2006 with the aim of promoting the welfare of  Gurkha (Nepalese) families living in the Thurrock area. Its aim and objectives are to raise and protect the Nepalese culture, customs and traditions as mentioned above, especially for the younger generation.

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New Year 2071

Dashain 2068

Armed Forces Day Convey Island Photos

TNGC Gurkha Tennis Cup 2015 Photos

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Earthquake Charity Programme Photos

70th Anniversary of VE Day Celebration

Remembrance service who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Great War

All the TNGC community members,
Tngc's area rep are starting to collect donations for the earthquake and they are
coming on your door step to collect it. Please feel free to donate as you desire.
Thank you.
                                                                                                                                                     by Tngc

Please support our girls by donating on the following site or click
HERE word. They have been working very hard for our country and hope their hard work pays off. Hope Nepal recovers soon.

The girls would like to leave this message:

The Nepal Earthquake 2015 which happened on the 25 April, has been one of the biggest and most devastating events in the history of Nepal. A high magnitude of 7.9 took away Nepal's one source of economy, its sacred and historical monuments and its tourist industry. More importantly, over 4,000 people have lost their lives and over 7,000 are severely injured and the aftershocks are still going on. All the money we have raised will be sent to Oxfam, Red Cross Nepal and other organisations that are prepared to help NEPAL. We are not only doing this because our family is out there but because Nepal is our country.

Dedicated to Nepal by ReNiSu FUNDS. They are ,
Rebecca Limbu
Nidesha Rai
Supriya Rai

                                                                      Short Video

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New Year Party

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Thank you for attending the funeral
Dear all,
It was very kind of you to attend late Bhagmaya Thebe/ Meyangbo's funeral service today. We know it must have been difficult for you to travel such a long way. However, you being present meant a lot to us and for the family.
We are truly grateful to you and your family for your love and support at this difficult time.
Finally thank you very much to all of  those who helped to succeed this program.
Thank you and kindest regards,
                                          TNGC + KYC Thurrock
              Date: 15 Apr 2015

Dharan Garima Dance Performance 2071 Deusi 2071

Remembering the Gurkhas and the Falklands Day video 2014

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Annual General Meeting 2014

New Year 2071

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With Jackie Doyle-Price MP



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